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Korea ranks second on the global education index

Notorious for the amount spent on higher education, Korea reaps the rewards ranking second out of 50 countries by Pearson Education on a new global education index called the Learning Curve.


First and foremost we are often asked about Koreans’ attitudes to unmarried couples living together. This is not a problem and generally speaking will not affect your chances of coming out as a couple.  

If you are looking to apply with a partner you are probably looking to secure a “couple position”. This means that you’ll work at the same school, work similar hours and will live together in a 2 room apartment. However, lots of schools are reluctant to hire couples, they are afraid that should you break up they could lose 2 teachers and this could prove very damaging to their reputation and disruptive to the teaching schedule. For this reason couple positions can be harder to come by but if you set on working and living together don’t let this deter you. The benefits of working and living together are obvious; you can feed of each other’s ideas in the classroom, have a soul mate to share the Korean experience and can share living expenses making it much easier to save money. On the downside, do be aware that unless you are working at a large school finding cover for both of you to take holidays together can prove to be a big obstacle.

As an alternative option to taking a “couple position” you could work at separate schools within the same area. Unfortunately, in most cases both schools will already have single accommodation. If they don’t we will try our best to negotiate and see if they can share the cost of getting you a 2 room apartment but do be aware that this can be quite rare. The most likely option if you are set on living together would be to live together in the larger of the two apartments provided. My wife and I shared a one room place for almost 8 months during my first contract in an average size apartment. Although it wasn’t ideal it was certainly livable.

A common misconception is that teaching in Korea is just for those who are single but the experience can be just as much fun if you are applying with a friend or partner. While it may be true that it is easier to make the step if you are alone without any attachments, the benefits of coming with someone else can make the settling in process so much easier.

Applying with a Friend or Partner

Applying with Friends

Applying with a Partner

We encourage you to come and experience teaching in Korea with friends. Occasionally we are asked if friends can live together. Unfortunately this is almost impossible as couple positions are generally just for partners with the apartment having just a bedroom and a living room. What we can do for you is find positions within the same city or area and make sure you are no more than 20 minutes away. I came to Korea with 3 of my closest friends, we lived and worked separately, but the Korean transport system means it’s really easy to meet each other on school night. Just mention on your application who you are applying with.