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Korea ranks second on the global education index

Notorious for the amount spent on higher education, Korea reaps the rewards ranking second out of 50 countries by Pearson Education on a new global education index called the Learning Curve.


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  1. Jeju Island: Voted one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  1. Shopping or Palace tours in Seoul:  Markets: Gyeongbokguang, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong, Itaewon.

  1. Night life: Hongdae, Gangnam or Itaewon in Seoul.

  1. DVD bangs: An alternative to the cinema, choose your movie and watch it in the privacy of your own room fully equipped with a projector, surround sound system and comfortable sofa bed.

  1. Temple stay: Take some time out of your hectic life and live like a monk in a Buddhist temple.

  1. Adventure sports: White water rafting , Bungee jumping, Wake boarding, sky diving, paragliding plus many more.

  1. Music festivals: Jisan Rock Festival / Mud festival / DJ festival.

  1. Traditional festivals: The lantern festival, mask festival or cherry blossom festival plus many more.

  1. Stadium Tour: Visit the world cup and Olympic stadiums in Seoul.

  1. Watch a soccer or baseball game: Korea’s most popular sports with professional leagues and national teams.

  1. Norae bangs: Korea’s answer to karaoke, they are nuts about it – hire your own room and sing and dance away until your heart’s content!

  1. Try street food: Various exotic and not so exotic food on sale, maybe best not to ask what you are eating before you try!

  1. Visit Gyeongju: Korea’s first capital

  1. Hiking: Trek up one of Korea’s numerous mountains, if it contains ‘ak’ in its name then you’re in for a climb! Popular mountains include; seoraksan, wolraksan, chiaksan

  1. Museums: Visit the three most famous museums in Korea: The National Museum of Korea, The Korean War Memorial Museum and The National Folk Museum of Korea.  

  1. East Coast Tour: Rent a car, motorbike or push bike and experience of the east coast, eat delicious seafood on the way and stay in traditional accommodation.

  1. Busan Shark Dive: Located at Haeundae Aquarium experience swimming with sharks and various sea life.  

  1. Caving: Explore one of the many caves located around the country.

  1. Beaches: Relax on one of Korea’s many beaches – the popular Haeundae or Gwangalli beaches in Busan, Daechon on the west coast or Gangleung and Sok Cho to the east.

  1. DMZ: Visit the most heavily militarised border in the world separating North and South Korea. A great day out and a chance to step foot in North Korea!

  1. Jimjil bangs: Relax in an array of hot and cold rooms, sitting on stone or salt crystals before taking revealing all (literally) in the public baths with various steam rooms, baths and Jacuzzis.

  1. Skiing: Experience one of Korea’s numerous ski resorts (available between December to March)

  1. Island hopping: Discover the numerous island located around Korea, popular choices include, Ulleung do, Waedo, Hongdo and even the controversial Dokdo!

  1. Gapyeong Gardens: Take in the beauty of the amazing gardens

  1. Taekwondo: Learn Korea’s national sport from the masters.

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