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Korea ranks second on the global education index

Notorious for the amount spent on higher education, Korea reaps the rewards ranking second out of 50 countries by Pearson Education on a new global education index called the Learning Curve.


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We strongly recommend you have a minimum of 700,000 Korean won spending money. You can leave the money in your bank account and access it with an international cash card in Korea but make sure you bring at least 200,000 won in cash for the first few days until you find an ATM that accepts international cards. If you put money in an account, inform your bank before you leave that you’ll be using it to withdraw money in Korea so they don’t freeze your card after the first time you use it. We do not recommend bringing travellers' cheques as they can be difficult to exchange.

You will receive your flight money (around 800,000 won–1,000,000 won) once you have opened a Korean bank account. To open an account in Korea you need to have an Alien Registration Card which takes 2-4 weeks to process.


In some schools you receive your first month’s salary on completion of your first month’s work. So for example, if you start working on April 6th you will receive your pay on May 6th. In other schools all employees receive their salary on a set date, for example on the 15th of every month. In this case you will be paid for the days you have worked in that particular financial month. Details about your salary day will be included in your contract.

NOTE – If you are struggling for cash you may be able to get an advance on your first payment but that would be at the discretion of your employer.


Things to Bring






We are occasionally asked if teachers can bring pets with them. The answer to this depends on several conditions. First of all you need to check with Korean Customs to make sure your pet is able to enter the country legally without first being quarantined. The next issue to consider is whether your landlord will allow you to keep a pet in your place. In most apartments, tenants are prohibited from having pets so please ask us first and we will check it out for you. Finally, bear in mind that most teachers tend to go travelling together during their spare time so you may have difficulty to find someone to look after your pet while you are away.

While clothing in Korea is relatively cheap bear in mind the country has 4 seasons and weather conditions vary dramatically throughout the year so pack accordingly.

Summer - T-shirts, shorts, sandals / skirts, summer dresses

Winter - Winter jacket, thick sweaters, scarf, gloves and a hat, jeans and shoes/trainers

Spring and autumn - T-shirts and light pants, light jackets

Check out our section on dress code about what clothes to bring for work

If you plan to play sports, go hiking, join a gym then you’ll need to pack the necessary clothing

Women should be aware that bras and underwear can be difficult to find depending on your size and build. Korean sizes are typically: young girls, one-size fits all, grandma sizes.