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Korea ranks second on the global education index

Notorious for the amount spent on higher education, Korea reaps the rewards ranking second out of 50 countries by Pearson Education on a new global education index called the Learning Curve.


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Taking the inner city bus is extremely easy once you get the hang of it! Bus maps are available at the local information center. You can pay the fare by cash or by buying a transport card at any local convenience store. Buses are mainly used by students and the elderly and have limited seating so you may have to stand during peak hours.

FARE: A flat rate of 1,000 won (50p / $1)

TIP: Hold on for your life!

Transport in Korea

Inner City Bus



Inter City Buses


Korean has an excellent rail network connecting the large and medium size cities. There are two kinds of trains; the KTX (Korean Train Express) or the slightly cheaper normal service. Both trains are clean, safe, and efficient. They sell snacks, are air-conditioned, have washrooms and are one of the fastest ways to travel inter city. Trains are slightly more expensive than the inter city buses but are worth the extra if you’re looking to get to your destination quickly. To give you an example, Seoul to Busan takes 4:20 mins by express bus whereas the KTX takes 2:30 mins.

FARE: Seoul to Busan is 53,300 (£27 / $50) by KTX

TIP: If you plan to travel by train on weekend reserve your ticket online to get a seat: KTX website in English

Travelling between cities couldn’t be easier than using one of the inter-city express buses. Each city has at least one bus terminal offering cheap, regular and comfortable buses. You’ll have large reclining leather seats, air-conditioning and TV's (although you will need to home in on your Korean skills to make sense of what’s on). Buses leave for the large and medium size cities every 10-20 minutes. Journeys of over two hours will include a short break at the service station but be sure to remember the bus you are riding so as not to end up in the wrong place.

FARE: Seoul to Busan will set you back between 22,000 - 38,000 won (£11 - £19 / $20 - $40) depending on the bus and size of the seat

TIP: Do not be late! Buses leave on the dot so so if you arrive one minute after the scheduled departure you will miss your bus.

Taxis are a common means of transport for foreigners in smaller cities where traffic is not such an issue. They are reliable, fairly cheap and a comfortable way to get around. They can be called in advance or flagged down on the street. Be aware that the majority of taxi drivers don’t speak English so you should prepare to say your destination in Korean or have it written on a piece of paper to show the driver. Drivers are generally very honest and will try their best to get you to your destination using the most direct route as quickly as possible.

There are 2 kinds of taxis; basic taxis which are usually silver or white with fares starting around 2,300 - 2,600 depending on the city. Or black taxis which found in the larger cities, the cars have cell phones and will give you a printed receipt. Fares start around 4,500 won but the extra isn’t really worth it so I advise you stick to the cheaper option

FARE: Expect to pay around 10,000 won (£5 / $10) for a 10 km journey, traffic permitting!

TIP: There is no need to tip the driver in Korea and it can be considered rude to do so.

A subway system can be found in the largest cities: Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Daejon and Gwangju. They are a cheap, reliable, clean and safe means of transport allowing you to avoid traffic jams and reach your destination quickly. The trains start at around 5am in the morning and can be taken as late as 11pm at night depending on where you are taking it from.

FARE: starting from 1,000 won up to 1,800 won (50p-90p / $1)

TIP: Download the App ‘Jihachul’ to your smart phone to help with navigating. During rush hour be prepared to fight your way onto the carriage!