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Korea ranks second on the global education index

Notorious for the amount spent on higher education, Korea reaps the rewards ranking second out of 50 countries by Pearson Education on a new global education index called the Learning Curve.


If you visit your doctor to inquire about vaccinations it is likely they will recommended you get vaccinations for Hepatitis A (recommended for all travellers) Hepatitis B (recommended for travellers who may have intimate contact with local residents, especially if visiting for more than 6 months) and Typhoid. You will also be told you should get Japanese Encephalitis but bear in mind this should be administered over several weeks so make sure you start the medication in advance of coming out to Korea.

A lot of people who come out to Korea don’t bother to get vaccinations as they are quite expensive and if you read the link below from the Korea from the korea4expats website they aren’t really essential. However, if you plan to do some travelling around SE Asia then it would make sense to have them before you come to Korea.

The following information from the korea4expats website, an official government site giving information to foreigners about life in Korea.

No vaccinations are required to enter South Korea, however it is recommended that immunizations  be up-to-date for all family members, particularly for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, polio (DTP) and typhoid.

Hepatitis A can be contracted through food and water. Given the lack of enforcement of sanitation rules prevalent in some eating establishments, vaccination again Hepatitis A is highly recommended. 
This vaccine is given in two doses in the muscle of the upper arm. The first dose provides protection two to four weeks after initial vaccination; the second booster dose, given six to twelve months later, provides protection for up to twenty years.

Hepatitis B can be contracted from physical contact or from exposure to blood (for example, health-care workers). Vaccination is recommended if you may be exposed through medical treatment, if you are staying in Korea for longer than six months or if you may have sexual contact with the local population.

Japanese encephalitis can result from mosquito bites. Vaccination required only if you plan to visit rural areas for 4 weeks or more, except under special circumstances, such as a known outbreak of Japanese encephalitis. Recommended if you are in Korea for more than one month and plan to travel to rural areas or who may engage in extensive unprotected outdoor activities in rural areas, especially after dusk.