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Korea ranks second on the global education index

Notorious for the amount spent on higher education, Korea reaps the rewards ranking second out of 50 countries by Pearson Education on a new global education index called the Learning Curve.


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Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to teach in Korea, whether you have just graduated and are struggling to find work, you are slaving away in a tedious 9-5 job eager to escape the rat race or simply want some adventure, Korea presents the ideal opportunity to get away and do something rewarding with your life. Below we have listed some of the key factors making the country a popular choice.


Korea offers some of the best paid ESL jobs in the world meaning you can easily save money to pay off your student debts, travel at the end of your contract or build a nest egg for the future. Here is what you can expect:

To give you an idea, during my first 12 month contract I saved around £8000 whilst still being able to eat out every night, party at weekends and see a substantial part of the country. Download a standard contract

                                     Meet New People

It is really easy to meet new people whilst living in Korea. The majority of teachers arrive alone and are more than willing to share their experiences and introduce you to the local culture. Most cities have various social groups for foreigners such as sports teams, Korean language lessons, English speaking churches and cultural centres to meet like-minded people.

Not only will you form relationships with other native teachers but Koreans are eager to make foreign friends. Koreans are accommodating people and will go to great lengths to show you the delights of their country!

Before you arrive we will do our best to put you in touch with other foreigners working in your city so you know someone when you arrive. Also, don’t forget our Facebook group, a great way to connect with other teachers before you get to Korea.


Korea has everything to keep the most adventurous traveller satisfied; from beaches, mountains and rivers, to palaces, temples and skyscrapers, you will not go short of things to do in your spare time. Korea is also close to Japan, China and the popular South East Asian destinations making for cheap travel during holidays. Once most teachers have finished their contract they use the money saved to take a few months out to see the surrounding countries so you’ll more than likely have some one to share your travelling experiences with. Check out our Entertainment page

                                   Bolster Your Resume

Teaching in Korea looks great on your resume. It shows character, commitment and bravery, such attributes that will put you in good stead when applying for jobs in the future. Furthermore, once you have some teaching experience under your belt you’ll be able to apply for the most sought after jobs teaching at universities and companies in Korea, making it extremely difficult to leave the country!


Don’t forget the reason you are considering coming to Korea. Teaching is a rewarding job that offers that offers great job satisfaction and the chance to impact on others’ lives. Students in Korea are generally bright, well-behaved and eager to learn making your time in the classroom, to find out more click here

Why Korea?